Our portfolio of high-impact, entrepreneurs go through a rigorous, multi-step selection process.  Candidates pass a series of local and regional interviews before presenting to panelists from our global network at International Selection Panels held eight times each year. Panelists and reviewers are looking to gauge the stage of the business and the potential impact the company and entrepreneur can make on the local Atlanta ecosystem.



First Opinion Review

Once an entrepreneur applies or is nominated, an Endeavor Staff member will meet with candidates to assess their viability and fit with Endeavor. The goal is to learn about the business, the market opportunity, and the entrepreneur's challenges and aspirations to ensure Endeavor can add value to the company as it scales.

Second Opinion Reviews

The candidate(s) will go through three to five second opinion reviews with value-added mentors identified by Endeavor staff. Once all interviews have been conducted, Endeavor will collect feedback from the mentors and provide the candidate with detailed next steps. 



Local Selection Panel

Mentors and Local Board Members interview, deliberate and select candidates to progress to the International Selection Panel. During this phase Entrepreneur Candidates must receive unanimous approval from the local panel in order to pass to the final selection stage, the International Selection Panel.  Endeavor Atlanta normally holds four local selection panels per year. 

International Selection Panel

Candidates are invited to attend one of eight International Selection Panels where global business leaders interview, deliberate and select the next Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Once again, entrepreneurs must receive unanimous approval from the panelists to be selected. Panelists provide direct feedback for the Entrepreneur and their business aimed at helping them scale successfully.  If selected, entrepreneurs begin working with their local staff to take advantage of Endeavor's services.