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Pete Davis

Pete Davis, Founder & CEO of GreenPrint, has over 20 yrs. experience as an entrepreneur and leader in marketing, loyalty, and financial services. Prior to GreenPrint, Pete founded Cartera Commerce, which pioneered the card-linked offer industry and grew the company to over $30 million in revenue before selling it.

Similar to GreenPrint, Cartera provided a value added, software enabled, marketing service to fortune 500 companies to enhance their existing products and services. Pete built a network of thousands of participating retailers and service providers who all agreed to provide cash back, points, or rebates to participating shoppers. This network along with the software to track and report on qualifying transactions was packaged and licensed to companies like Citibank, Chase, Amex, Delta, American Airlines and other large card issuers, airlines, retailers as a value added service for their clients.